12 Surprising Ways to Use SeneGence ShadowSense Eyeshadow

Ways to use SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow | Kissable Lips, Leslie E. Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor

12 Surprising Ways to Use

SeneGence ShadowSense Eyeshadow

SeneGence ShadowSense may be eyeshadow, but it’s definitely not limited to just the eyes. There are numerous different ways you can use eyeshadow to enhance your look, add some sparkle, or brighten up an outfit.

Check out these 12 surprising ways to use SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow.

12 Surprising Ways to Use SeneGence ShadowSense Eyeshadow || Kissable Lips, Leslie E. Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor

12 Different Ways to Use Eyeshadow

01. Enhance your lip color

Don’t feel like wearing a SeneGence LipSense gloss over your lippy? Use your ShadowSense!

Take a shimmery ShadowSense eyeshadow and dab it onto your lips, right over the LipSense, to add some sparkle without the glossiness.

02. Use as lipstick

SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow makes great lipstick! There’s a huge array of colors and finishes, it replenishes and rejuvenates your skin, and it’s long-lasting like the LipSense! Just like it doesn’t smear, smudge, or budge when you wear it on your eyes, ShadowSense eyeshadow stays put when you wear it as a lippy.

Enhance a solid color shade, or add some extra sparkle to an already shimmery color.

The choices are (nearly) endless!

03. Use as highlighter

Show off those cheekbones with a shimmery pearl, gold, or champagne ShadowSense eyeshadow. Add some to your browbones and collarbones for an extra, glam-sexy sheen.

04. Perk up your mani

If you’ve got some tubes that are running low, empty them out onto a dish. While your nails are still wet, dip them into the creamy shadow and seal in with a top coat for a unique look to your manicure.

05. Contour your face

Contour like a pro by using different eyeshadow shades of cool, matte brown along your jawline, down each side of your nose, and under your cheekbones.

06. Lighten and mask dark circles

After you’ve finished with the concealing and setting of those dark undereye circles, sweep some white or light champagne eyeshadow over them. The light-reflecting sparkle in the eyeshadow will significantly lighten the dark circles.

07. Use as body glitter

Sweep some pearly or snowy glitter ShadowSense eyeshadow over your hair, chest, shoulders, arms….make your whole self glitter like the magical woman you are!

08. Fill in your eyebrows

Run out of your favorite BrowSense? That’s alright.

Use a brown, black, matte taupe, or auburn shadow in place of the brow filler.

Bonus: Going somewhere fun? Get creative and add some color to your brows with bright shadows like blues, purples, or pinks!

09. Hide the greys

Got some pesky roots or greys popping up? Cover them with a matte eyeshadow of matching color for some instant, although temporary, cover-up. This works especially well if your hair is swept up into a bun, ponytail, or other updo.

10. Use as mascara

Want to get colorful with your lashes, but don’t have any bright mascara? SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow is basically the next best thing. Just sweep some color over your lashes, like you would with mascara, and you’re good to go!

11. Find a new favorite blush

Rosy peach, pink-ish brown, tawny, and pink shadows make for the perfect blush substitute when you’re in a pinch. Plus, they blend in well and last just as long!

12. Fill in a patchy beard

This one is more for your man, but you get to admire the results! Some guys have trouble growing a full, thick beard. Help your man out by filling in his scruff with a matching shade of matte (unless he likes glitter!) ShadowSense eyeshadow.

ways to use eyeshadow || Kissable Lips, Leslie E. Henderson, San Diego SeneGence distributor

Eyeshadow: Not Just For Eyes!

SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow is the secret weapon you didn’t even know you had. Lippy may get all the attention for being such a front-and-center, versatile product, but eyeshadow deserves some serious recognition, too. These twelve ways to use eyeshadow shows there’s virtually no limit to what SeneGence products can do!

What’s your favorite surprising way to use eyeshadow?