3 Summer Makeup Looks Hotter Than These 100 Degree Temps

This is it.

This is the moment you’ve waited all year for.

You can finally go for that care-free, minimal-effort summer beauty routine: Flushed cheeks, sun-kissed skin, and salty beach waves.

If you ever actually decide to do a full face of makeup during these hot summer months (riiiiight….), there are tons of creative summer makeup looks definitely worth trying out.

From ultra glossy lips straight out of the ‘90s to neon eyelids you’ve seen blowing up Insta, these easy-to-copy styles work perfectly with SeneGence products, so you can look like the sun-kissed summer goddess you are.

Keep reading to see the best summer 2019 makeup looks you’ve been waiting all year for.

3 Hottest Summer Makeup Looks of 2019

Summer 2019 makeup looks | Kissable Lips, San Diego SeneGence distributor
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01. Rosy Glow

Judging by the numerous models and celebs donning blushy-pink shadow, this shade is set to be a big trend this summer. Add some burnt pink to your eyes, blushy pink on your cheeks, and glossy berry to your lips for a full-face, rosy glow.

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san diego senegence distributor

02. Neon Lids

Winged liner can sometimes be overdone and boring -- or too pinup -- but this summer makeup trend makes this ‘50s look feel even more modern. Swipe some neon pigment across your lids and/or lips to spring your summer makeup looks right back into 2019.

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san diego senegence distributor

03. Extra Glossy Lips

Feeling nostalgic? Try a look that will take you straight back the ‘90s! Get the frosted gloss look by lining your lips with a dark nude, swiping on a light metallic color, and then topping with an extra glossy gloss - several coats. This look can be a bit outdated, so make sure the rest of your makeup - especially highlighter (ShadowSense works great!) - is on point to keep the look retro and not just old.

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What’s your favorite summer 2019 makeup look??