7 Mistakes That Are Drying Out Your Hair - - and How to Fix Them

7 Mistakes That Are Drying Out Your Hair -- and How to Fix Them!

These little mistakes are keeping you from having your best hair days yet. Fortunately, SeneGence has the solution.


reasons for dry hair  Kissable Lips, Leslie Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor

Do you feel like, no matter what you do, your hair is dry and frizzy again just a few hours after you wash it? Does your hair tangle and break far too easily? Are you shedding like a cat?

The problem may not necessarily be with the way you’re washing and styling your hair but, rather, in what you’re using to wash your hair.

Trust me: Good hair days are virtually guaranteed after addressing these common mistakes and fixing them with SeneGence solutions for recovering and repairing dry and damaged hair.

Just a few little changes to your daily hair care routine will leave you with healthy, luscious locks in no time. If you’re looking for hair that stays shiny and voluminous all the time, rather than just drying out and hanging flat, keep reading.


Common Mistakes That Dry Out Your Hair. . . and What to Do Instead

Reasons hair is dry and what to do   Kissable Lips, Leslie Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor

#1 You shampoo too often

Lathering your locks too frequently is one of most common mistakes, causing dry and greasy hair. By washing your hair too often, you are stripping your scalp of its essential oils over and over again. This causes your hair to dry out, which leads it your hair producing more oil to replenish what it lost. The more you wash it, the more oil your scalp will produce. The result: A seemingly never-ending cycle of dry-to-greasy hair that just won’t come clean, no matter how much you shampoo.

What to do instead:

Take your environment and lifestyle into close consideration. If you live in a rural area, for example, with low humidity and low air pollution, then you don’t need to wash your hair more frequently than once every few days. If you live in a busy city or work out regularly, then it’s a good idea to wash your hair and scalp every day.

The overall guideline is: Shampoo your hair once every two days if you have a healthy scalp and don’t work out a lot or get particular dirty.

If your hair is thinning out, it’s best to shampoo daily. This will prevent your scalp’s hair follicles from becoming clogged, which is one of the primary causes of thinning hair.

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#2 You don’t shampoo enough

Just like shampooing too often can cause your hair to become dry and greasy, not shampooing enough can lead to clogged hair follicles and dry, weighed down hair. Dead skin cells, oil, and debris build up on your scalp when it’s not washed every 2 - 3 days, which leads to the hair become dried out or greasy.  An unhealthy scalp means unhealthy hair.

What to do instead:

Wash your hair every 2-3 days, and more often if you work out or get dirty.

#3 Your shower is too hot

Sure, a steamy, hot shower sounds like paradise after a long day. Unfortunately, it sounds like torture for your scalp and hair. If your shower is too hot, your scalp will dry out, leading to the overproduction of oil as a way to compensate. You’ll end up with a dry, itchy scalp and greasy hair.

What to do instead:

Hot showers are great, but when it comes to washing your hair, stick to medium-warm temperature water. Make sure your final rinse is with the coldest water you can stand, as this will close your follicles and add natural shine to your hair. The less heat, the better, when it comes to hair.

reasons hair is dry and what to do  Kissable Lips, Leslie Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor


#4 You skip conditioner

Conditioning your hair refortifies the follicles with a protective barrier, allowing the hair to grow without breaking as easily. Think of conditioner as filling in a hole. The outer surface of your hair gets damaged the more it’s exposed to the environment. Eventually, it breaks and cracks. Conditioner fills in those holes.

Conditioners also smooth, untangle, and repair the hair, increasing shine, strengthening it, and reducing its frizz. You end up with soft, luxurious hair.

Skipping the conditioner results in your hair become stripped of its oils, dried out, and damaged.

What to do instead:

After shampooing, apply conditioner to the bottom half of your hair, combing through to the ends. Let sit for 2 minutes (or the time it says on the bottle), and then thoroughly rinse out. Do a final rinse with cold water.

Do this every time you shampoo your hair.

#5 You use conditioner incorrectly

It may sound odd, but there actually is a correct and incorrect way to condition your hair. The correct way to condition your hair is to (1) follow the directions on the bottle and / or (2) apply the conditioner in long, smooth strokes from half-way down to the ends. Be sure to first squeeze the water out of your ends, so the hair doesn’t just soak up the conditioner.

Leave it in your hair for about 2 minutes before rinsing out, or 3-5 minutes for deep conditioner.

#6 You use heavy or drying products that strip your hair

Regular hair care products like waxes, oils, sprays, and creams strip your hair of its natural nutrients and oils, and weighs down your strands. They also clog up your hair follicles, leading to dry and greasy hair, and a dry and itchy scalp. Not good.

What to do instead:

SeneGence hair care products are not only effective, but they’re also restorative, replenishing, and revitalizing. Instead of harming your scalp and hair, SeneGence hair care products lead to a healthier scalp and voluminous, shiny, healthy hair you’ll be proud to show off.

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Reasons hair is dry and what to do  Kissable Lips, Leslie Henderson, San Diego SeneGence Distributor

#7 You apply heat to your hair too often

Do you lover straightener? Your curling iron? What about your blow dryer?

Bad news: Heat is super bad for your hair.

Not only does heat dry out your hair, but it also slides oil down the surface of your hair -- resulting in dry, greasy hair that just sticks out in weird ways.

What to do instead:

Get a heat protection spray to use before applying heat, or embrace your natural hair texture.

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