The Best Eyebrow Color for Beginners

BrowSense: The Best Eyebrow Color for Beginners

As saying goes, “New brows, who dis?”...or something along those lines. So, if you’ve been waiting for a sign to change up your look and try something new, this is it. This is your moment. New year, new you. Because, whether you’ve got thick and bushy brows, or thin and barely there, the right liquid eyebrow color can completely transform your look with just a few swipes.

And the BEST liquid eyebrow color is unique, long-lasting, and waterproof -- and it won’t sweat or rub off.

If you’re not sure where to look for such a magical product in the over-saturated cosmetics market, don’t worry -- I’ve found the best one for you. Here’s the best eyebrow color for beginners and advanced makeup users alike. Follow the link to order, and get ready for some serious compliments on your brows.

Best Eyebrow Color for Beginners. San Diego SeneGence Distributor. SeneGence subscription box.

Meet BrowSense: It’s a dual-sided, long-lasting, liquid eyebrow color. One end has a brush-tip applicator that provides natural-looking, hair-like strokes, while the other has a brow brush. BrowSense is basically liquid eyeliner for your brows, but better. It’s also a lot easier to apply, and so subtle that it’s nearly undetectable after application.

SeneGence  BrowSense  - $20

SeneGence BrowSense - $20


This liquid eyebrow color comes in four shades: Taupe, Light, Dark, and Auburn. No matter what your eyebrow color or complexion, this SeneGence BrowSense formula is lightweight and long-lasting. It’s designed to fill in your eyebrows with natural-looking, hair-like strokes. When used in conjunction with the brush end, it makes your brows look fluffier and fuller.

I recommend starting with clean, oil-free, product-free brows. This will ensure you get the most natural-looking, even strokes possible, so it will look like your brows are naturally full and shaped.


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BrowSense is available now on my SeneSite. While you wait for your order to ship, check out 15 summer beauty tips and tricks you’re sure to love.

Best Eyebrow Color for Beginners. San Diego SeneGence Distributor. San Diego SeneGence. Vegan eyebrow color. Eyebrow Color.

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