These 11 SeneGence Makeup Hacks are Totally Life-Changing

If you’re anything like me (a.k.a. Totally SeneGence obsessed), then I’d be willing to be you totally live for the latest and best SeneGence makeup hacks. You probably want to know them all.

Well, today’s your lucky day! I’m dishing out my favorite SeneGence makeup hacks that will totally change your life. They’ll make your getting-ready routine a million times easier - - and probably more fun!

From the sheen of your skin to the gloss of your lips, I’m sharing the best makeup hacks for your face, lips, brows, and eyes.

Get ready to tell people about SeneGence, because it won’t be long before everyone starts asking where you get your makeup done.

Here are 11 SeneGence makeup hacks that will leave you looking like you’ve got a whole glam squad on call.

SeneGence Makeup Hacks that will totally change your life || Kissable Lips, San Diego SeneGence distributor, Leslie Henderson

11 Best SeneGence Makeup Hacks


1. Mix translucent powder + color-correcting moisturizer

This is one of the best SeneGence makeup hacks for those with oily skin. Mixing these together translucent powder and color-correcting moisturizer will give a thicker, more matte look.

2. Use SeneGence ShadowSense eyeshadow as lipstick

SeneGence ShadowSense doesn’t budge, smear, or smudge. With its immense staying power, using ShadowSense eyeshadow as lipstick basically guarantees your lips will hold that beautiful color for hours.

3. Exfoliate your lips before applying lip color

Whenever you’re going to be putting on lip color, you should first start by exfoliating away the dead skin cells from the surface of your lips. This will leave a smooth canvas for your lip color to adhere to. Use a SeneGence lip scrub to help shed the dead skin and then follow up with a moisturizing balm before applying your LipSense lip color. Try the LipSense LipSmooth Conditioning Polish and the LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm for smooth, soft, totally kissable lips.

4. Apply bronzer in the shape of a “3”

Don’t have time to do a full contouring? Don’t worry about it. Just grab your bronzer and apply it in the shape of a three, going down both sides of your face. Start at your forehead, sweep from your temple to your cheekbone, then on down the jawline. This path should look like a number three, and hits all the essential points you want to be highlighting.

SeneGence Makeup Hacks || Kissable Lips, San Diego SeneGence distributor , Leslie Henderson

5. Remember that “x” marks the spot

Perfect your cupid’s bow by remembering to “find x.” Sorta. Take your lip liner, and draw an X on your cupid’s bow. Then, line out the rest of your lips and fill them in. Quick. Easy. And gives perfect pout definition.

6. Contour & define lips with lip liner

Want a larger pout? What about one that’s more defined? SeneGence makes that easy. Use a dark lip liner to outline your lips, and then take a lighter shade and fill them in. Blend the two lip liner shades together for a more natural look.

7. Find your color on your neck

When testing out different foundations and concealers to find your shade, use it on your neck and not on your face. Matching it to your face can result in a color mismatch because that skin can be affected by things like the lighting, freckles, or acne. The skin on your neck is less exposed, and will give you a more accurate match, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a mask!

8. Get fuller brows with BrowSense

Fake the appearance of fuller, defined brows with a BrowSense liquid brow color. The SeneGence BrowSense is a longwear brow color that comes with a brush and a spoolie for precise, easy application.

9. Make your eyes stand out with white liner

Swipe some white eyeliner under your eyeshadow to make the colors really pop -- giving you a totally different look! Layering white paint or polish under bright or neon shades makes the color stand out, and the same thing works with SeneGence. Layer your ShadowSense eyeshadows over a white base (like Snow ShadowSense) to make your shadow colors appear more vibrant and bold.

10. Find your brow shape

Determining the perfect brow shape for your face can be tricky. But, before you start heading out to get waxed (or start tweezing!), you first need to take a look in the mirror.

If your face is more square, then a gentle curve would be the best eyebrow shape for your face, and it will soften your features. Angular shapes are the best eyebrow shapes for round faces. Heart-shaped faces will especially want to keep them well-groomed and to only pluck from the underside of the brows. Finally, long faces would look best with slightly extended eyebrows.

11. Use multiple EyeSense eyeliners

Gone are the days of using one eyeliner shade at a time. In are the days of using multiple eyeliners in one look. For example, putting black liner on your top and bottom lash line can make your eyes appear smaller. But, if you use black eyeliner, like SeneGence Black EyeSense Liquid Eyeliner on the top and brown on the bottom, your eyes appear defined instead of minimized.

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Get the best brow shape for your face with these SeneGence makeup hacks and BrowSense!

Get the best brow shape for your face with these SeneGence makeup hacks and BrowSense!


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